Canadian Sphynx Kittens
From 2 months old
The Canadian Sphynx is an ideal breed that brings peace and coziness to the house. The cat that helps raising children, and is also an ideal friend.
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no hair
no molting
no fleas
no allergies
warms and heals owners
Who are we?
We are not a "cat farm", but domestic breeders.
Therefore, all of our "graduates" are healthy, accustomed to the tray and enjoy special care.
All the kittens have passed:
Medical clearance
And also support after the purchase, assistance in upbringing and care.
About the Cats
  • Breed: Canadian Sphynx, elite breed.

    Character: Friendly and loving, quite "non-feline". Canadian sphinxes are less independent, deeply attached to a person. Ideal breed for people looking for a true friend.

    Intelligence: Very advanced. Sphynxes are patient, they are almost impossible to anger or offend. The participate in the upbringing of children. Easily get along with dogs and other animals.

    Health: Almost 100% safe for those who are allergic to other cats.
  • Same as with any other cat.

    Peculiarity of the breed:
    No hair = high body temperature
    No need to comb out, regularly sweep the hair etc.
  • All kittens are beautiful and smart, vaccinated, accustomed to the tray, meet the breed standards.

    Age: from 2 months old.

    • free consultation 24/7 before and after the purchase,
    • delivery is possible,
    • vaccination.
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